Skellig Michael


Land on Skellig Michael, explore the monastic ruins and experience other-worldly vistas. See the spot where Luke Skywalker stood, and feel the power of this incredible place.

Skellig Michael


Enjoy a two and a half hour cruise around the Skellig Islands, taking in the amazing Skellig Coast, local bird and sealife including dolphins and whales.

Skellig Michael


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to Skellig Michael, Irelands UNESCO World Heritage site

Skellig Michael is an island 12 km off the South West coast of Ireland. It houses the incredibly well-preserved remains of an early Christian monastery and that was founded in the 6th century and a place of monastic retreat until the 12th century.

Due to its universal cultural value, Skellig Michael was awarded World Heritage Site status in 1996, one of only two sites in the Republic of Ireland. Most recently, it has achieved worldwide fame thanks to its appearance as the planet Ahch-To, in both Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.